Bringing People Together Through Music

Break into the Afro-beat music industry with the help of a promoter based in North Tonawanda, NY

In 2012, we decided to take an active approach to connect cultures through music. This was how our Afrobanger music platform was born. Based in North Tonawanda, NY, OneCulture is the events promotion arm of Afrobanger. We started hosting OneCulture events to focus on upcoming artists on our music platform.

Our OneCulture events support new Afro-beat music artists as well as artists from genres, like:

  • Afro-pop
  • Reggae
  • K-pop
  • Hip-hop
  • Dance

As a musical artist, performing at one of our events can help to increase your following across the world. If you're interested in performing at an event, contact us today.

Reach your listeners like never before

Reach your listeners like never before

We believe that music is a universal language, and we strive to give new artists a chance to grow their following in other cities and countries. Are you trying to break into the Afro-beat music industry? Call us to learn more about how we can help.